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Rod has participated in hundreds of radio interviews about space, technology and innovation. These include NPR, BBC, WGN/Chicago, KFI/Los Angeles, WOR/New York, SIRIUS-XM and others. He has also been featured on the Wharton School's "Innovation Navigation" and Michio Kaku's "Science Fantastic," as well as PBS's "Between the Lines" and G4 TV's "Attack of the Show."


Rod appears twice monthly on KFI AM/Los Angeles on Bill Handle's drive time show and WCHS/West Virginia with Dave Weekly.

His Cool Space News podcast can be heard on iHeart radio.

RADIO / Kudos

"Rod makes a perfect guest; he’s always well informed in his field with the latest information and is an unrivaled communicator. Rod can simplify complex technical stories for audience consumption and find the narrative that holds their attention."

– Dale Cooper, Program Director, WCHS radio/Charleston


"Rod is that wonderful type of guest who is not only an expert in the field but is also engaging when discussing it.  His ability to take the complex and break it down to understandable pieces creates interest from a broad spectrum of listeners whether they are avid followers of space-related news or a person who just happened to be tuning in on that day.  His visits are always a highlight."


– Dan Sugrue, Producer, WGN radio/Chicago


"We don't call Rod Pyle our 'Cool Space Dude' for nothing.  He's the epitome of a great guest: funny and always the source of great information. He delivers his segments in the most entertaining way usually resulting in at least one 'Hey I didn't know that!' moment to the listener.  He's the ultimate space geek, but one you'd like to talk to for hours and hours!"


– Michelle Kube, Program Manager, KFI radio/Los Angeles

"Rod is one of my favorite guests! He's as well-informed as anyone who comes on our show, but he's also great fun...and funny! Our audience enjoys him as much as I do. I look forward to our next great conversation."


– Mat Kaplan, Host and Producer of Planetary Radio, The Planetary Society

LIVE APPEARANCES [Indicative Samples]
International Space Development Conference, multiple talks, May 2019
• CreateInnovation Week, March 2019
• CreateInnovation Week, March 2018
• OuterRimCon, October 2018
• Spacefest, May 2018
• Mars Society Conference, September 2017
• Spacefest 8, multiple panels and talks, June 2017
International Space Development Conference, multiple talks, May 2017
• Vroman's Books,"Amazing Stories of the Space Age," March 2017
Oneonta Club, "Amazing Stories of the Space Age," March 2017

Jet Propulsion Lab /Caltech Author's Lectures, 2015

Space Tech Expo talk on innovation and NASA, 2015

•"Innovation From the Edge," MIT/Stanford Alumni Associations, 2015

•"2014 Solver's Symposium," keynote address, Houston TX, 2014



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