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Susan Holden Martin (also known in-house as Aelita, Queen of Mars) serves as business manager, networking advisor and co-editor for new book projects. Her vast experience in the space trade includes stints as the Executive Director of the Mars Society, where she continues to serve on the organization's steering committee. Susan  previously served as the Mars Society's Director of Strategic Planning, Director of Public Relations/Media, and was the founding Editor-in-Chief of the organization's flagship publication, The Mars Quarterly. Her enthusiasm for space science comes from several family scientists, including her great uncle, the late Doyle Northrup, Ph.D. (MIT), and her uncle, the late Robert Leonard (Lockheed Martin/Hubble Space Telescope). Susan also served as an officer and director of The Mars Foundation, 2006-2010; and was the founding Editor-in-Chief of Mars Exploration Magazine, a publication of Explore Mars, Inc., where she also served as that organization's corporate secretary during organizational start-up in 2010.

Janice Christine Alvarez (in-house title: Janice Christine, Princess of Mars) works as a transcriptionist and creates clean, well-prepared text from the hundreds of hours of audio interviews that are an integral part of most book projects. She continues to perform transcription and other duties in the medical and business sectors for other clients, handling dense scientific and technical jargon with ease. Janice works from her home in the Philippines where she performs double-duty as a full-time mother, raising her toddler son.

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